Thursday, October 28, 2010

CSA Share

I thought I would share an example of what comes in my CSA share from Grindstone Farm.
Photo from mid-September
The highlight of this lot, for me, was the lemon basil. Best invention ever. I had never heard of it, prior to it showing up in my share. It smells incredible, and makes things taste like they were cooked by someone who knows how to cook. I sauteed mine with scallops in butter, and added a little salt and garlic powder. I think I groaned audibly while eating.

The tomatillos make a fantastic salsa verde, as proven by my friend Tyra, who shared this recipe. Unfortunately, my tomatillos never had a chance to make it into salsa verde, and wound up rotting and getting thrown away. I did use an earlier round to make fried green "tomatoes," because I thought they were tomatoes.
The carrots, apples, and cherry tomatoes were eaten raw. I gave those weird, flying saucer-looking white things to a friend, along with several bags full of assorted squashes that had collected, because my kitchen counter was beginning to look like a pumpkin stand. Some of the cilantro made it into chicken tostata, and everything else perished.

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  1. Those weird flying saucer-type things are called pattypan squash, and they're delicious--cook 'em like zucchini. :)