Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hollandaise Sauce FAIL

I was attempting Alton Brown's recipe, but I failed to comprehend that the egg mixture needed to stay in the bowl, placed inside the pot of hot water. Instead, I poured the eggs into the hot water...resulting in a lumpy, not very delicious mess. Out of sheer stubbornness, I put some of it on my asparagus, anyway (which also wasn't quite right; I'm thinking it would've payed off to steam/boil them in water before trying to saut√© them in a pan; they were too crunchy). The whole experience made me mad.

Food, in general, has made me mad for the past few days, since I decided to get serious about losing (at least some of) the 30 pounds I gained since Escher was born. When I told my friend "Dr. Steve" about my resolution, he suggested I cut carbs for two weeks, to "kick-start" my body. I was very reluctant-- I've never been one to mess with my diet. But Steve convinced me.

The first couple days were alright. I'm now on day four, and I feel like shit. I'm discovering that everything I like to eat has carbs in it. And if it doesn't have carbs, it needs to be near carbs.

Last night (night of the ill-fated hollandaise sauce) was the worst. I started making a Thai curry I always enjoy, thinking I would just eat it without the rice, which is depressing enough as it is. And then I realized, 20 minutes in, that I needed to add a bunch of brown sugar (a.k.a. carbs). I chucked the curry and started some alfredo sauce. I figured I would serve it to the kids on pasta, and myself on chicken. By the time I finished, I was so hungry and angry, and my kitchen was such a mess, that I actually threw a fork against the wall.

Oh, and fettuccini alfredo without the fettuccini? Not so awesome.

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  1. If you throw a fork against the wall and it sticks, it's done.